The Best Near Death Experience (NDE) Stories

The Best Near Death Experience (NDE) Stories


On the 15th July 2013, at about 7.45am, I was on my way to work and approaching the intersection and getting ready to take a left-hand turn. This is a notoriously dangerous intersection on any day, and there have been many accidents there. It is hard to see if the intersection is clear from the right and the left turn is particularly hazardous. I was running late and in a flustered state of mind. I had an important meeting that I’d been planning for carefully over a number of days, and a really stupid delay at the last minute put all of that in jeopardy. It should also be understood that a much better traffic signal system exists there today than was in place at the time of this incident.

I approached the intersection in a hurry. I looked to the right and believed that I had correctly viewed that nothing was approaching from the right, so I made the left turn. As I crossed the intersection, I glanced right once more and saw a vehicle heading straight for me at what could only have been in excess of ninety miles per hour. We saw each other. I saw the look in the other guy’s eyes because we were that close. A collision was absolutely inevitable. There is no way on this earth that it could have been avoided.

What happens next is EXTREMELY difficult to describe, but I will do my best. And this can be (and must be) taken to apply to everything that I am going to attempt to relate from this point onwards. Words, even the most carefully chosen words, capture no more than 1% of this experience at best, and even then very poorly. This is quite possibly the most frustrating thing about giving this account.

Across from the front of the car on the left, in almost the opposite direction to the oncoming vehicle, was a field. I suddenly became aware of a very large ‘object’ approaching slowly on a diagonal across this field. It was coming directly towards my car. Time was not functioning normally while this was happening, if it was functioning at all. I had the space to notice this happening, but I can’t explain how I was able to do that. The object when I first saw it, appeared to be about the size of a ten-floor tower block. It subjectively seemed to be about two or three hundred yards across the field. These size and distance descriptions are meaningless, as I’ll try to explain in a moment.

The object resembled a giant waterwheel lying on its side and rotating as it approached me and my vehicle. As it got closer, this didn’t take time, as we understand it. I saw that my first observation about its size was wildly inaccurate. It was more like the size of a small city. As it got closer still, I understood that all scale and distance estimates were meaningless. It was larger than what we think of as the world. As it approached me, I became aware of its power and significance. My mind interpreted this as being an up-close, giant-scale physical object.

Okay, now this part is particularly difficult to explain. As the object drew near to me, a kind of sensation came over my person and I knew exactly what this thing was. Not only that, but I knew everything that pertained to it, what it was, what it was doing, what it’s ‘business’ was with me, where and when I had seen it before, why I was seeing it now, and many many other things that I cannot now recall.

I had seen the object before I was born and I will see it again when I die. We all knew it before we were born. We will all see it when we die. But this information is eclipsed from us while we are alive. And that was why I was seeing it now in the experience, because I was in the process of dying in a fatal car crash.

Here’s what I can remember, as best it words can tell. This wheel wasn’t something that moved towards me through the world, or through reality somehow. That was an illusion that my senses were constructing for me. The wheel WAS reality, itself. It represented EVERY CONCEIVABLE POSSIBILITY for a life or for a world that could ever be envisioned or imagined. As it approached, I became aware that what we call our world was contained within it. It was simply one of the numberless slots or paddles in the ‘water wheel.’ It had always been so. My life, your life, our world, all of us – we were a part of this wheel structure and we had always been a part of this structure. It simply now made itself visible to me.

There then began the truly terrifying dimension of this experience. Words cannot even begin to describe the level of fear I experienced. The water wheel sort of rolled across me and then across the place where my car was in the road. As it did so, I began to be hit by each of the paddles in the wheel.

Remember that all of this is just a way of talking. It does not, and cannot, remotely describe the real situation as it actually was.

But some sense of it can be had by imagining that in the space of each ‘paddle’ there was a kind of spinning film of water, like a waterfall on its side. Imagine a film of water being thrown outward from the wheel in each slot, as if by centrifugal force. Imagine being slapped or splashed by each of these films as you collide with it and pass through it to the next one. This is what was happening. Except these weren’t just films of water. They were (for want of a better term) possible realities or what we might think of as universes or worlds. Again, our world, our entire universe as we normally think of it, was simply one among an infinite number of these. How did I know that there was an infinite number? I just did. A kind of knowing came with the event, and there was no doubting this knowing. It WAS so, and I knew it was so.

And because I had knowledge and understood what was happening in ways I can no longer communicate, I was afraid. I understood that I was about to be subject to the process that humans approximated with the term ‘reincarnation.’ This was why the wheel had come. I represented a kind of discrepancy that had to be fixed. The event, or perhaps the imminent event, on the highway had caused me to slip out of or fall between the paddles on the wheel. This structure had some kind of cosmic purpose of sorting things into their correct natural place. I was afraid and resisted being ‘sorted’ so the wheel stepped up its aggressive attempts to ‘sort’ me correctly.

With this came another understanding that frightened me even more. I knew that unless I soon selected one of these realities to slide back into, that the wheel would coerce the situation by deciding for me. One way or another, I WOULD be ‘sorted’ whether I liked it or not. If I didn’t choose for myself, I would simply be fitted into place at some nearest position on the wheel to the point where I failed to make the decision; if that makes sense. I was aware of having a limited ability to choose, but not much. Even that limited ability wasn’t much use because each reality slammed against me and through me before I could make much sense of what it contained.

Even I did not remain the same from one slot in the wheel to the next. It was as if when each film broke over me, I was destroyed and made again from the ground up as a completely new self. There was no continuous ‘me’ that traveled unaltered through that wheel and can somehow report back on this experience. This is just one of the many things that is so very hard to explain. The very idea of a continuous self was contradicted by this experience.

I have forgotten, or perhaps it was deliberately suppressed, the vast majority of what I saw in the various universes or paddles of the wheel. At the beginning, they seemed very similar to this world we inhabit, or believe ourselves to inhabit. For example, I have a floating memory of seeing various different scenarios of how the accident played out. I suspect that these were all nearby paddles on the wheel. In one of them I remember seeing what looked like my vehicle thrown right off the road and so badly damaged that it looked like it had been folded in the center like a pocket knife. I seemed to recall many other scenarios like this that I can no longer remember. To clarify: what I mean is that I seemed to file or flip through numerous conceivable (quantum?) possibilities for the outcome of the accident. I can remember doing this, but I cannot remember what any of these particular ‘worlds’ contained.

I have no explanation for why I failed to experience any of the phenomena usually reported with the imminent death situations like the tunnel, the light, and so on. I suspect that imminent death experiences are symbolic scenarios that flash up just as someone is entering or exiting the wheel, but before the situation has developed very far. At no stage did I see anything whatever that resembled what we humans would think of as an afterlife or spirit world or life after death realm. It’s as if we are either on the outer surface of the wheel itself, in one of its realized worlds, or else we are dead and we are the wheel itself. The wheel is a space where all uncreated possibility exists, but nothing completed or actual. And bear in mind that nothing was concealed from me. I was the ALL, and knew the ALL. I certainly don’t retain it or pretend do, but I knew it then.

I began to grow extremely panicked. Each time I thought I was just beginning to get a handle on things, I would be slapped over violently and ruthlessly into a new slot in the wheel and a whole new ‘me’ would crystallize, along with all the memories and assumptions that went along with that world. I remembered none of who I was just a moment ago in another paddle on the wheel. I had no memory whatsoever of where I had come from or the highway situation in my world. I had zero memory of that world. I knew I had come from a ‘somewhere’ but had no recollection of where that was, or even who I was. It was about the most bizarre thing that you could imagine.

Somehow though, and I can only assume that it happened without any conscious action on my part, the possibilities appearing in the wheel began to narrow down and become somewhat more familiar again. Scenarios associated with the accident began to appear once more. I say once more, but I have no real way of knowing whether this was a separate incidence of this to what I described above, or whether it was really the same incidence because time was functioning so unusually during the whole episode.

Again I saw, or seemed to see, variations or possible world-outcomes where I died in the crash. I seemed to understand intuitively that if I went ‘into’ any of these, I would be there for only a few moments or minutes at most, and then I would have to come out and face the wheel again almost immediately. I didn’t want to do this. But there was an odd kind of knowing associated with that too. The wheel didn’t seem bothered one way or the other. It didn’t seem to matter to it whether I emerged again in three minutes time or three decades time. All it cared about was sorting me, and there was a kind of ruthlessness to this that I will not soon forget.

I found myself back on the highway in what seemed to be a very short distance back up the road, still approaching the intersection. This is just one of the many mysteries associated with the event that I cannot explain. Did I choose a world which was a version of our universe in which the accident hadn’t quite happened yet, but was just seconds away from happening? I can’t say, because I have no memory of making that decision. I remember the look on that driver’s face as clearly as if it were yesterday. I remember him bracing back on the wheel. But I braked as I reached the intersection and that driver, or his car, were simply nowhere to be seen.


I am 65 years old and this happened to me in 1977, when I was 26. I am originally from the city of Isfahan, which is in central Iran, about 300 miles south of the capital Tehran. I had followed a friend’s suggestion and had taken a job in the city of Mashad, which is in North West of Iran, about 800 miles away from Isfahah. That day I was driving back from Mashad to Isfahan for a few days of vacation and visiting my family. I left very early in the morning, around 2 am. Back in those days, the road was not that good and was not a highway, just a two-way road. At some point along the way when I was close to the city of Ghoochan, I noticed a car from the other lane was in my lane and the headlights were beaming right towards me. I tried to steer to the right to avoid a collision but the road shoulders were so narrow. I collided head-on with that car. My car spun a few times and fell off the road, which was several feet lower than the road itself. I was critically injured, but luckily a few minutes later, a passenger bus was passing by and saw the accident scene and stopped. They took me to a small hospital in the nearby city of Ghoochan.

In the hospital, the doctors and nurses started working on me right away. I had many injuries and felt severe pain all over my body. Nevertheless, when I was on the operating room bed, various thoughts were rushing through my head. For example, I was worried that if I don’t report back to my work on time in a few days that they might give my job away to someone else. At the same time, I was very angry at my friend who had encouraged me to take this job in a city far from my family. I blamed him for living away from my family, causing my accident and misery. I was frustrated at everything and everyone. I felt that this world and my life was a total mess and nothing was in it’s right place. My mind was full of complaints and anger.

I was not anesthetized and didn’t go into a coma. I remember a young woman around 22 years old entered the room. She seemed to be inexperienced and rather new to the hospital. She seemed beautiful and I wished I was not in this mess so I could talk to her and befriend her. But once again, I was distracted by unbearable pain and all the angry thoughts that were playing in my head. My attention was constantly shifting from my pain, to my angry thoughts, to this young lady; back and forth, and round and round.

Suddenly, I felt that everything shifted. I felt a deep calm and peace engulfing me. This feeling was totally opposite to what I was feeling a few minutes ago. I was not angry anymore and I was seeing perfection in everything in the world and around me. Now I was feeling that everything is exactly the way it should be. Whenever I focused my attention to any object or subject, I could get deep and complete insights into that matter. I could even understand the chemical compositions of objects I looked at and all its physical and mathematical properties. I shifted my attention to that young woman again. She seemed a little different than a few minutes ago. I noticed that I am seeing her like 360 degrees around her, like I have totally engulfed her. I could see her thoughts and feelings as well. In fact, I felt that I am present in the entire hospital. I could see that she had a lot of sadness and worry about what she was seeing. She was thinking that it was so sad that this young man is dying like this. I tried to soothe her and tell her that I am alright and that nothing is wrong with me. In fact, I’ve never felt so good in my life. But she kept ignoring me, like she does not see or hear me.

I noticed that she was staring towards a fixed point. I followed the direction she was looking and noticed that she is looking at the body of a young man who is lying on a bed. I was shocked because this man had striking similarities with me. I wondered who he was and why does he look so much like me? I even thought that maybe I have a twin brother I didn’t know about who happens to be in the same hospital. I tried to tap on the shoulder of the young woman to get her attention but my hand simply went through her body without any resistance. I was so puzzled. I looked at myself and saw that I have a transparent and illuminated body. I was so confused and bewildered. I started to think to myself, “Am I dead? Is this my body on the bed? My God, my mom would be so devastated. She is expecting me back home tomorrow.”

As soon as I thought about my mom, I immediately found myself in front of her in our house in Isfahan. It is hard to explain, but strangely I was still in the hospital too. I was aware and seeing everything there as well, without any difficulty and confusion. My presence at home did not decrease my awareness and presence in the hospital at all. It was like I had split into two pieces with equal awareness. My mom was sitting on the patio and preparing some vegetables for the dinner. I went behind her to hug her from behind, in order to surprise her. Again to my surprise, my hands went right through her body. I tried to talk to her but she did not pay any attention to me.

During this period as I thought about various friends and relatives, I instantly went to them while still present in previous places of the hospital, home, etc. For example when I thought about one of my teachers who I loved so much back in the days of high school. Suddenly I was beside him, while still in the hospital and also in my house in Isfahan beside my mom. I could immediately see all his thoughts, feelings, and all the things that were going on for him in life such as his thoughts, concerns, financial status, and health. I saw that I am no longer in his thoughts and heart. I could see that at that moment he was worried about his son. So I lost interest in him and left that scene. I thought about a few other relatives and friends and similarly I visited them as well. In every case I tried to communicate to the person I was visiting and make them aware of myself, to no avail. I realized that there is no use trying to communicate with people. Nobody could hear or see me.

Meanwhile I was seeing everything in the hospital. Over there, the doctors pronounced me dead and wrote some notes on my chart: “Resuscitation unsuccessful, the patient is pronounced dead at ….” They threw a sheet on my face and put me on another bed with wheels. Then they transferred me to a room where they temporarily kept the dead before sending them to the hospital morgue.

At some point through my experience, I passed very fast through a tunnel and moved towards a bright light at the end of tunnel. I cannot accurately place when this happened in my experience, as time had lost its meaning. I went to a very pleasant place that was made from light. I felt that this is my true home and I belonged there. My presence on earth looked like a deportation to a stranger, an isolated island that was incompatible and unpleasant. Where I was now, there was no past or future, no close or far, no up or down, no dark or light and all the relative things had lost their meaning. Everything seemed to be in absolute perfection. There were other souls there too; some with more light and possibilities than me and some with less. I never felt envy towards those who were more advanced and who had more light than me. It was well understood that each of us are where we should be according to our own capacity and growth. I had no bad feelings whatsoever that I am less advanced than some of the other souls.

When I was visiting my mom and some of my old friends and relatives, I had a vague feeling that there is a presence that was following me all the time, like a shadow. But I was so absorbed in the wonder of this whole experience, my thoughts, what was going on, and those people I was visiting, that I didn’t really pay attention to that presence. Eventually, I noticed him and I noticed him. He was an amazing, divine human-like figure who radiated lots of love and light. Instantly, I fell in love with this holy and immensely beautiful presence. I noticed that he loves me deeply and unconditionally. First I thought he must be a prophet or religious figure, but then I thought that he is even above all that. I realized that he has always been with me throughout my life, always. He was my guide.

I got the understanding that everybody who dies has a guide. But some humans are so attached to their physical and material world that they are still worry about their money, possessions. or power even after death. They don’t notice their guide and might not even notice that they are dead! Their soul can stay earth-bound for a long time after their death. For example, my guide showed me a man who apparently used to be in a position of authority and power back on the earth. After this man’s death, he still went to the office he used to work in, trying to sit at the same chair and sign documents. He was oblivious to the fact that his signature does not leave any marks and he has no power and effect in the physical world. He kept going to that office trying to sign things and act as he was still working there, not realizing that he is dead. I got this understanding that any strong earthbound attachment can keep our souls from soaring.

I saw people who had committed suicide and they seemed to have the worse situation among all these earthbound souls. They were completely trapped and had no way of communicating to anyone. Sometimes these souls would follow their loved ones on earth like a shadow for many years, begging for forgiveness for the hurt and pain they had caused them by their suicide. But it was no use and they wouldn’t be heard. My guide showed me these scenes.

Then he showed me a different kind of scene, scenes that formed in front of my eyes like a movie. These were scenes from my own life. The scenes were in chronological order from the very beginning of my life on the Earth. I saw a young woman who was pregnant. She was my mother and was pregnant with me. I entered her body like a wave. Before entering her body, I was feeling that I am present in the entire universe, but somehow part of me focused away from this entirety and totality to move into the physical world and my mother’s body. My feeling was the feeling of connectedness. I felt that everything is connected to everything and there is no beginning and end. I cannot tell for sure in what stage of pregnancy I entered her body, but I think it was a long time before delivery.

One example of my life review was when I was a little kid. We were traveling by car and stopped somewhere along the way. There was a river not far from the road and I was asked to go and bring some water in a bucket from that river. I went to fill up the bucket but on my way back, I felt that the bucket was way too heavy for me. I decided to empty some of the water to make the bucket lighter. Instead of emptying the water right there, I noticed a tree that was alone by itself in a dry patch of land. I took the effort to go out of my way to that tree and emptied some of the water at the tree base. I even waited there a few seconds to make sure the water is soaked in the soil and is absorbed. In my life review, I received such an applaud and joy for this simple act that it is unbelievable. It was like all the spirits in the Universe were filled with joy from this simple act and were telling me we are proud of you. That simple act seemed to be one of the best things I had ever done in my life! This was strange to me, because I didn’t think this little act was a big deal and thought I had done much more important and bigger things. However, it was shown to me that what I had done was extremely valuable because I had done it purely from the heart, with absolutely no expectation for my own gain.

Another example of my life review was when I was a 10 years old boy. I had bullied and mercilessly beaten another boy who was also around my age. He felt tortured and deeply hurt. In my life review, I saw that scene again. The boy was crying in physical and deep emotional pain. As he was walking in the street crying and going back home, he radiated negative energy which affected everything around him and on the path. People and even birds, trees, and flies received this negative energy from him, which kept propagating throughout the Universe. Even rocks on the side of the street were affected by his pain. I saw that everything is alive and our way of grouping things in categories of ‘alive’ and ‘not alive’ is only from our limited physical point of view. In reality everything is alive. I felt all of the pain and hurt that I had inflicted upon him inside of myself. When this boy went home to his parents, I saw the impact that seeing him in that state had on his parents. I felt the feeling and pain it created in them and how it affected their behavior from that point forward. I saw that as a result of this action, his parents would be always more worried when their son was out of home or if he was a few minutes late.

I saw that whenever I had done something good to anyone or anything, that I had done it to myself. And whenever I had hurt someone, I had done it to myself while actually doing that person a favor because they would receive some form of compensation or help from the Universe as a result. This universal gift would be bigger than the damage I had caused to them.

I wanted to stay in the world of love, peace, and light, but they reminded me of my responsibilities back on the earth. I argued and refused to return. They told me that if I don’t return, I won’t be able to achieve certain spiritual capabilities which I would have received had I gone back to earth. I still didn’t want to return and would rather stay there. Finally they showed my parts of my future and how if I returned it would affect many other people and help them to see the Light. When I realized how much my return to earth would help others, I could not wait to get back to earth. However, these scenes from my future were erased from my memory upon return to the Earth.

According to my medical documents, I came back to life 32 minutes after I was pronounced dead. But during this 32 minutes I saw so many things. It was like several months to me, if not several years. One of the staff in the hospital who was passing by the room my body was placed in, heard a little noise coming from inside the room. She rushed into the room and found that I was actually breathing again.

For years I hid my experience from people because whenever I talked about it, I faced their ridicule, negative judgment, or accusation of hallucination and making up stories. After several years, I saw a book about NDEs and noticed there are other people who have had similar experiences like me. Although the detail of their experience might be different or they might express their experience in a different way we still had similar experiences. After seeing this book, I was very anxious to find others who had an NDE and to meet them face to face. I even changed my job and started working in medical services section of a hospital to meet other NDErs. Gradually NDE phenomena became more known and accepted in the society. People became more open to hearing my story. Nowadays, on average I tell my story once or twice a month to various gatherings of friends or people who are interested. Unlike the past, now people and specially young ones show a lot more interest in hearing about my experience and it seems it affects them in a good way.


As I became aware of this state of complete peace and to recognize it for what it was I started to look around me. As I did this, I became aware of something. All around me, at near distances (though even the near distances were ‘far’) and at what I sensed as far distances there were lights. These lights I took to be stars. That is to say that here we would ordinarily refer to them as stars. Their colors were more various than I have ever seen in an ordinary night-sky. But there, these ‘stars’ were something else to. They were beings and they were utterly conscious. The entire universe, in which I was now lying and beginning to observe, was completely and utterly aware. All of it is conscious. I mean that – all of it, the very space itself is permeated with consciousness. There was nothing there that was not conscious. This did not seem to surprise me in any way at all. I did not regard it as curious or as bizarre in any way. Far from it, I seemed to regard this as in some way entirely natural – which is the nearest expression that I can think of that even remotely points in the correct direction – and my feeling sense was of like ‘being home and now completely safe’. Every single burden that I ever knew was utterly gone. In fact in many ways it was only while here and feeling myself in this state that I realized just how burdened I was. I was now lying in spacThe communication system there is one of direct transference of thought and feeling.

There were literally hundreds of these stars ‘talking’ with each other all at the same time yet there was not one single bit of clash of thought-feeling, not one single bit of misunderstanding of thought-feeling (my sense is that that would be utterly impossible there), there was not one bit of any kind of a sense of any being transmitting anything other than what was the absolute truth of what their thought-feeling state was (my sense is that it would be impossible to lie there). They all communicate with each other and all at the same time. And they manage to do that with absolutely no conflict whatsoever in their communications. Even though they all had individual identities – they had personalities, if you like – they were always in agreement. There were literally hundreds of communications going on and all individuals were communicating with all other individuals all at the same time. Communication between them, it was clear to me, was instantaneous and involved them all at the same instant. Whatever was happening was not something that we would be able to understand as a linear communication system. (This in itself was further complicated by the fact that I had no sense of time there. The time frame if there is one at all is utterly different from here. This to the extent that to me it makes no sense to talk of time there. Something is happening there that nullifies time in any sense of the way that we understand it, feel it, or believe it to be.)

I had one sense of something that I did not understand. This was to do with the ‘far’ stars. It seemed to me initially that I could only feel, participate, know, the communications of the near stars. It was as if the far stars were in some way ‘blocked’ from my knowing. Or as if there may have been some kind of barrier that prevented me from knowing, what the far stars were communicating. However, when I became aware of this it did not interest me for long. This place has such a sense of ‘perfection in rightness’ about it that one does realize that things have a purpose and that the way things are is right.

So, as I have said, I lay and became aware of these stars and this universe all around me being conscious. I also became aware of the communications of these stars. I now need to try to describe more specifically, what these stars were communicating to me. It was in essence very simple – though as I have said the communication system is utterly stupendous – in the ‘first part’ of their communication they let me know that they knew me. In the ‘second part’ of their communication, they let me know that they were happy to see me, again. They were so very, very happy that I was back with them, to join them again. In the ‘third part’ of their communication, they let me know that they loved me very, very much. I need to point out here that I have written this as first, second and third part of the communication. This is wholly inaccurate – it is a limitation that we have in our thinking because of our use of language.

It needs to be stated that the nature of the meta-mind that was produced is something like a radio broadcast transmitter in that the signal of such a transmitter will always be composed of energies at a given frequency range even though the content of the messages can vary widely. There the nature of the meta-mind that I was in, that was communicating with me and I with it was one of love. I could not begin to describe the sensations and ease of being that I felt to be in an environment that was literally composed of love as its base-essence or base-frequency.

I need to emphasize that these communications were ‘plays’ on ‘thought-feelings’ neither thought nor feeling being distinguishable each from the other. Words in this kind of environment, while I have no sense that they could never be used (if one wished), are nullified as a communicative device when this is at one’s disposal. This is direct thought-feeling transference to the extent that one is merged with it all and with no loss of an individual identity. The precision with which a stream of thought-feelings in this place (do remember that these are coming from others but are actually manifestly happening inside you too) can indicate intention and meaning is absolutely astounding in its subtlety; we simply have nothing here that even approaches it. I cannot even speak of this directly. We do not have the language to deal with it.


I was suddenly in this black void and a light came zooming at me extremely fast. It was kind of like seeing a star shining bright, and within less than a second it was enormous and right in front of me. It was sparkling and happy like those sparkers kids have on the fourth of July, extremely energetic and bright. It didn’t speak to me but it transmitted a ‘want to come with me?’ message. I am very adventurous so I said ‘yes’, and together we travelled at the speed of light into a galaxy of bright lights. I knew that all of them were souls or spirits, and that each one was a point of light that was another being. I stayed there awhile until I understood how there were so many galaxies and stars, and that they all were alive like entities and that I was probably another point of light. I had no awareness of having a body. I just felt like I could move anywhere I wanted, as if I were a light particle or something.

I then went to various places. One of the first ones was to a landscape like Mongolia, which was spectacularly beautiful. The clouds were extremely bright, moving the way they do in time lapse photography, and the light kept changing the way the mountains and the tall grass in the valley looked. I lingered there a while and knew that there really were such things as Sacred Places. I started to understand that everything that ever was and everything that ever will be were all here at once, and that all the knowledge in the universe was right there for us to access if we just believed and reached for it. I knew that Einstein and Mohammed and Handy and Mozart and all the great artists and scientists had tapped into this knowledge, either in their sleep or as a conduit from God or the Great Spirit or the Universal Energy. I was bathed in bliss and harmony. I felt more love than I could even imagine, and everything emanated positive energy and affection. Every single positive word in the dictionary could not capture the feeling of eternal bliss that I felt.

I then thought about music and I was instantly in an enormous concert hall. I was like an air particle in this beautiful theater, and my (dead) Uncle Sydney was playing the piano with Arthur Rubinstein and Leonard Bernstein. He looked up at me, smiled and winked. He looked SO happy and content and I was really happy to see him playing, because that is what he always loved to do the most. He looked so vibrant, not like he did when he died.

I then thought about otters and suddenly I was swimming with otters, but I wasn’t wet or cold. I remember thinking I should be cold and wet, but I wasn’t. The otters were very playful with me and kind of helped me swim with them. They kept looking back at me to see if I was keeping up with them. They were so lithe and beautiful and so joyous in their element. They came up into an old beaver den and we all laid in there awhile. It’s interesting because after this NDE I found out that otters use old beaver dens. I hadn’t known that before. I never felt that my body was with me, I felt more like I was just a little bright light like a tiny star, but we all communicated telepathically.

All of the sudden I was transported to the Columbia River Gorge. I was at a nice party and I had some juice that I spilled, but nothing got wet and there was no mess. I remember thinking that I don’t need anything here, there is nothing cold/wet/bad/uncomfortable – EVERYTHING was eternal bliss. I met many people and we just stood and chatted, but it didn’t seem like pointless banter, it was more like a joyous celebration that everyone was just happy to be there. The gorge was green and lush. I went back out into the galaxies and knew that I only had to think about anything and I would be there. I felt a sense of profound comfort and a sense of peace and belonging, none of which I have ever felt. I knew that I was ‘on the other side’ and I didn’t ever want to go back.


To explain exactly what I felt as something in the unseen world, it seemed like there was a stream of beings guided me. They affirmed my answers, clarified my confusions, and comforted my bewildered heart. I did not know how to describe the ‘stream of beings.’ They were silent and amorphic, yet full of kindness, brightness, compassion, and amiability. They answered all my questions. It felt I was being lead and enveloped by a spring sunshine. I understood they were beings in a much higher level than me and in the spiritual realm. I called them prophet, the wisdom who communicated to me telepathically, revealing the true colors of the universe, purpose of life, and opened the door of death so I could have a glimpse of the other dimension.

Instantaneously, I was no longer in the lengthy, dark tunnel. Alternatively, I was in a bright, warm, and pure world. I was completely relieved, no more agonies, but instead replaced with eternal peace and bliss. My spirit asked one question after another, regarding the true colors of the universe and about life and death. Wherever my conscious went, he unfolded the answers before my eyes. This world was made up of particles. When microparticles accumulated, it formed a world with thousands of collective representations, meaning specific images. For example, as to many people the tree in front of a house is only a tree, while in this realm it is a stacked heap of tree-shaped molecules that are drifting and cycling forever. I did see the piles of molecules, flowing and surrounding this phenomenal world. While my physical body still lay in bed while given an IV drip, my conscious was free at will to watch trees outside the clinic.

Am I a particle, too? ‘Yes, human body is built with innumerable particles. They circulate, metabolize, exchange, and etc. as being all part of the movements. As for you (my spirit to be exact), you are part of the molecules who are recycling among them. Therefore, particles cluster, mobile, recycle, flow to somewhere, and then assemble to another physique. So, this phenomenon keeps recurring, there is no life or death. It is infinite and the essence of the world. Commonly known as death which is actually a continuation on to the next phase of life. At this state you are in now. Your mind (soul) is existing and thinking obviously, but you are separated from the physical world without communication. It is like a glass-door partition between you and the world; you can see everything of the physical world, however people on the other side can’t feel your existence.’

Being unable to communicate the situation you are in, and your loved ones have no means to understand it. Thus, I know, as for death, since people you loved don’t understand what death truly is so they feel sorrow for the decreased. At this moment, I became worried if my parents know I had died, then they will be very miserable. In addition to my child who is too young to be independent. All these worries are flashing in my mind.

As our flesh is like a TV set, our consciousness is like TV programs. Is it perhaps when a TV set is aged to break down then all signals become vanished? Human’s body is an aggregation of particulate matter that becomes a carrier. Whether the carrier is a particulate matter or in a form of energy, it never disappears. At this moment, I was in a confused situation where my conscious and flesh were detached but still in a connected state. I felt there are several different dimensions coexisted. While my conscious stayed in another realm, I was telepathizing with prophets and the wise whom revealed the true colors of the universe to me.